Raise Your Game, Not Your Grow Lights!

Now ALL indoor growers can benefit from DE-HPS grow light technology, without having to compromise with high hanging distances. Learn how Adjust-A-Wings brings superior efficiency to your grow room.

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Are Small Deep Dish Reflectors “Cooking” Your Plants?

Deep Dish “greenhouse style” reflectors were NOT designed for your grow room. They were created as high-placement solar supplementation devices for greenhouse growers. Find out why this matters.

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PAR Meter Statistics Vs. Actual Plant Response

PAR Meters can be handy tools to measure light intensity at discrete points, but how much can growers really infer about their overall plant response?

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Specialist Lighting Solutions for Heat Sensitive Plants

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger:
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Grow Lights: Infrared 101

Adjust-a-Wing Grow Light:
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Grow Light Hotspots and Light Uniformity

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