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EXT simply stands for External. Your HELLION ballast knob must be set to this position if you wish to use an external controller via the rear ports.
Any standard 0 to 10V protocol lighting controller can be used (0 to 11.5V for the 1000W HELLION ballast) via the RJ11 rear panel socket.
Theoretically, you could run as many ballasts as your lighting controller allows (typically 128 ballasts per channel), however, it is recommended that you only control up to 40 ballasts per channel for trouble-free operation.
Thanks to the cooler running temperatures and superior lamp and reflector design, our lamps last longer than competitors. If running at 12/12 every day, change your lamps no less frequently than every two years.
CMH and DE-CMH lamps should be changed every 12 – 18 months when run on 18 hours a day.
Not straight away. For long lamp life you should always run a new lamp at its full rated power for the first 24 hours of usage to ‘season’ the lamp.
To help ensure long life of the ballast and lamp, always wait at least 20 seconds between making each dimming adjustment.