Plants have evolved to exploit solar radiation—a full, continuous spectrum of light complemented with Ultraviolet and Infrared at either end of the visible spectrum. The Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS and Hellion 630W DE-CMH will work as “perfect partners” in any size lighting plan to deliver Ultraviolet, Infrared and everything in between! The open-ended design of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors allows complementary spectra from both fixtures to mix seamlessly, even when positioned close to the canopy. When light-loving plants are treated to the full array of necessary photons, their true genetic potential is released.

In order to effectively mix spectrums between light sources, their individual intensities must be well matched. For example, there’s precious little benefit in hanging a 315W CMH at the same height as a 1000W DE-HPS greenhouse style fixture, as the blue-rich light of the CMH will end up being “drowned out” by the 1000W DE-HPS, especially when both fixtures are positioned several feet or more above the canopy.

Only by combining the blue-rich spectrum of the Hellion DE-CMH and the orange / red-rich spectrum of the Hellion DE-HPS at close proximity can growers realize the true benefits of spectral mixing. When these all-important colors are blended at useful and comparable intensities growers can achieve the mythical “Emerson Effect” where photosynthetic rates appear to go into overdrive.

Both the Hellion 630W DE-CMH and Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS kits incorporate Adjust-A-Wings medium Defender reflectors for durability and uniformity. For maximum spectral mixing and ideal coverage, the complementary fixtures should be arranged in a chequerboard fashion with each unit covering 5′ x 4′ (1.5m x 1.2m) of canopy space. Please refer to examples below. Either 3K or 4K lamps can be used within the Hellion 630W DE-CMH.