“Whole row lit up by the @adjustawings420 new de-cmh 630W rigs! These things are crazy bright, and the heat is very manageable compared to greenhouse style lighting. The light is almost white in appearance, but these lamps have a very generous amount of far red light in their profile. I’ve had no issues using these same lamps for the entire life cycle of the plants.”

@curl.like.smoke Hellion DE-CMH 630W

“This crop yielded more than 12 lbs of premium quality organic bud. I was more than impressed as my previous crop using a respected brand of LEDs, set up as specified, only yielded 5 lbs, and the one before that—same. Also, the Hellions ran surprisingly cool and operated on par with the LEDs. In fact, the plants would droop when LEDs were within 2 feet. In contrast, some plants in this crop grew to within 1 foot of the lights at times and still remained perky.

On the strength of these results I purchased 165 x Hellion 600 / 750s and look forward to using them in my new facility in the coming months.”

HUGHES POPE - President: Sweet Dirt LLC / NorthEast Kind / Maine Coast HempHellion DE-HPS 600/750W

“It may be cold outside but this room is on fire
@adjustawings420 this #hellion1000w is awesome no problem handling a 6x5 space wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't seen it🤘🤘”

@bigpun61 Hellion DE-HPS 1000W

“#inzaneinthemembrane from @theethosway all flushed out and ready for harvest
It's been a great run
Big thanks to @adjustawings420 the #helliondehps #hellion1000w worked perfectly for me. Excellent heat dissipation on these units allowed me to use de tech with my low 8.5ft ceiling with no worries. 🤟🤟”

@bigpun61 Hellion DE-HPS 1000W

“...the super spreaders on my @adjustawings420 Hellion’s are dispersing the heat away from the canopy... as you can see, the lights are super close to the top of the canopy yet I’m still maintaining incredibly cool leaf temps of 21/22C!”

@thesecretgardenersMIXED SPECTRUM: DE-HPS 600/750W + DE-CMH 630W

“The benefits of Mixed Spectrum... who’d have thought it! I’ve never seen growth like it. Having grown Critical a few times before I’ve kinda got a handle on where it should be at what stage in the process and this is nuts... every day sees way above average growth! The DE-HPS and DE-CMH from @adjustawings420 are without doubt the best lights I’ve used. Get on board guys, you won’t be sorry!”

@thesecretgardenersMIXED SPECTRUM: DE-HPS 600/750W + DE-CMH 630W

“Finishing Their 2nd Week in Full Bloom.

I've Never Had Such Explosive Growth and Vigor like with These #adjustawings #hellions #decmh combo Spectrums”

@cannatrixxMIXED SPECTRUM: DE-HPS 600/750W + DE-CMH 630W

“After using LEDs for over 2 years to combat the heat issues I had with my standard HPS, I opted to try the new Hellion 750 from Adjustawings who tout that the heat generated is easily dissipated resulting in a much cooler ambient temperature.
The second lure for me was the light coverage which was advertised to be ideal for my plant space of 1m x 1.5m.

It's fair to say I wasn't disappointed, I was amazed. The coverage is superb, having replaced 3 x 400+w LED units with just one Hellion, the light spread must be seen to be believed. On top of that the temperatures within my tents are easily managed and I'm stoked at how cool they remain, which leads to a reduction in power usage from my digital extraction fan.

And down to performance, these units are pure beasts, I've only had 1 harvest so far but it pulled a ridiculous amount of weight.

Resin production is variable from strain to strain, but the buds on this harvest where extremely sticky and super resinous.

As for vegging growth, well the plants love these lights, they always look crazy healthy.

I would recommend these lights to anyone who wanted to take their growing to the next level. Amazing bits of kit. ”

@crazy_haze_74Hellion DE-HPS 600/750W

“We replaced 150 x 1000W single-ended HPS kits with 150 x Hellion 600-750W Adjustawings. We now use up to 60,000W less electricity. There is less heat, the HVAC works more efficiently and the overall yield has increased by 10%. Yield and bud quality have both been outstanding since installing the Hellion DEs. We regularly achieve 1000g (2lb+) per light. ”

DOC CROC LLC Olympia, WA Licenced Producer/Processor150 x Hellion DE-HPS 600/750W

“U will absolutely love them bro swear down. My favourite by a mile.”

@buddoctorMIXED SPECTRUM: DE-HPS 600/750W + DE-CMH 630W

“These are imo the best hps available bro. Been using them nearly a year now and have had nothing but banging crops minimal heat and great penetration highly recommended bro.”

@buddoctorMIXED SPECTRUM: DE-HPS 600/750W + DE-CMH 630W

“You've helped to grow tons of the finest cannabis on the planet.”



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